Today, the world is in a very challenging situation of digital transformation. This is heavily dependent on the achievements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Almost, every country has defined its own AI strategy and already planed unbelievable high investments in this area to become a leader in the revolutionary digital and smart transformation. The way we communicate, live, work, even love each other, and show our emotions have been significantly changed by AI-based solutions. Behind such large investments, plans, and changes, how well and up-to-date is our industries with the latest AI achievement from science?! There are lots of professional and good quality scientific associations, communities, conferences, and research groups in the AI field. How well are these connected to the industries to support them by the latest findings? In this regard, one can quickly realize the big gap between academia and industry in exploiting novel AI to industries in line with the digital transformation.

The Association for AI in Science and Industry (AAISI) is an international association born from science to support industries. The AAISI aims to the deep integration of scientific AI into industrial processes, services, and products. The AAISI has been founded by well-known AI scientists and key decision-makers from industries in the frame of their collaborations in European funded research projects. The AAISI is the first choice of scientific and industrial communities to exploit the scientific AI to practical results in the industry. This has been mainly focused on a deep understanding of industry 4.0 and next-generation AI methods in AAISI activities and events.

By the careful analysis and study of the current situation, the AAISI provides various services and advice to both groups. The AAISI supports industries in better solving their existing challenges by the novel scientific AI solutions. At the same time, the AAISI provides better visibility of scientific AI to industries. This way, AI scientists can better exploit and connect their achievements to industrial applications. In line with these goals, the AAISI provides a membership service and consists of the following services in its membership plans:

  • The AI Training: The Industries define their own and specific problems; Academic members and professional experts prepare training sources to them to solve industrial challenges by industrial experts themselves through educating them in the AI.

  • The AI industry challenge: Industries define a challenge; academics solve it directly and receive the predefined awards from industries for their provided solution.

  • The AI Colloquium: In this weekly AI colloquium, key AI experts from academia and industry provide an invited speaker to the participants. Participation in this AI colloquium is free only for AAISI members. Recorded videos of these speeches are available for members.

If you are interested in joining the AAISI community, please go to the membership area, subscribe to any of our membership plans that you wish, and enjoy full membership benefits in this unique opportunity.

The AAISI Team